Saturday, February 7, 2009

Teaching Fellows Etiquette Dinner

I'm back everybody! I hope you missed me! :) Well this new semester has been amazing. Everything is going wonderfully. I really have been enjoying it. Classes are busy as usual. ECU really keeps you on the move. haha.

Anyways. So the latest ECU teaching fellows news. We recently had a etiquette dinner. On Feb 2nd, 2009, all of the freshman got together at Mendenhall to enjoy a wonderful meal served by the ECU Catering Service. Here, we were joined by an etiquette expert who taught us all exactly how to eat properly. Boy was the food De-li-cious!!! We had chicken cordon bleu with rice and veggies. :) We also had salads and you can't forget the cheesecake!!!!!!!! It was so yummy. I would go to ten million of those dinners if I could. haha. I really enjoyed this dinner though because it provided me with a lot of tips on things to do in my future. The ECU teaching fellows program is very wise in teaching kids how to eat properly because in the future we may be attending various dinner type interviews and what not.

This was definitely a blast and even brought me closer to some people that I never get the opportunity to talk to! I hope all the future ECU Teaching Fellows look foward to this event! It is a lot of fun!!! Have fun and pay attention. You'll learn a lot. :)

PS: Some etiquette tips:
1. Don't talk with your mouth full
2. Wait to swallow your food before taking a sip of your drink
3. Do look into, not over, your cup or glass when drinking
4. Do take medicine discreetly
5. Do remember your posture at the table
6. Don't overload your plate
7. Don't mop your face with a napkin
8. Don't saw back and forth at your meat with a knife
9. Don't smack your lips
10. Don't touch your head at the table

Saturday, December 6, 2008

ECU Teaching Fellows & Maynard Scholars Social Dinner

So, two days ago, all of us got to come together for our third prom. :) Part of being a teaching fellow at ECU consists of the annual holiday social. This dance was semi-formal. It was so much fun. We all got the opportunity to see each other in a way that we are not used to seeing. It was so much fun to see everybody dressed up. Many of the girls had on beautiful party- like dresses and many of the guys could be seen in suites that made them absolutely handsome. :) Everyone looked so great!!! This dance was definitely a fun experience. Special guests were there and we even had a special guest speaker. Her words were such an inspiration. It's wonderful to think that one day, all of us are going to be those teachers that make a difference in the world!! After all of this and the presentations of the senior gifts, all of the ecu teaching fellows got out on the dance floor. It was time to get down! That was definitely the best part of the night. Not only did the fellows and maynards get down, but our special guests decided to join the fun! It was a night full of fun and glamour! I enjoyed it so much! If your coming to ecu as a fellow or maynard, it is DEFINITELY something to look forward to! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


The title of this blog best describes college life for me. It has been ridiculous lately! I want to share with all of you what has been up with me lately, but so much has been going on that I need to pull out my planner to make sure I do not leave out any details! :)

The last time I posted was on October 1st. I can't remember if I posted about Teacher Cadet Day or not. Well, teacher cadet day was when many of the teacher cadet students around NC had the opportunity to explore ECU. I was fortunate enough to lead a tour with a wonderful group of kids from Camp Lejeune High School. I loved these kids so much. Each and everyone of them was so delightful to talk to! I have even had the opportunity to keep in touch with some of these students. It was really great to meet students who want to be future teachers. Meetings kids like this, help show us all that we are going to have a bright future for the education department. :)

Later on in the month, the teaching fellows group had their annual summer reading seminar. This summer, each student in the teaching fellows program had to read A Home on the Field. It was a great book that discussed Latino students in NC. We were lucky enough to have a visit from the author where he discussed many of the statistics on Latino families and students in NC. 

I stayed busy in October with many of the halloween activities going on around the ECU campus. Since I am president of my dorm, I led a program where residents could carve pumpkins. They payed $1.00 a pumpkin and the money went towards UNICEF. It was a fun activity that allowed for participation from everybody in the dorm! :) Later on in the month, my roommate and I went to Haunted Health. This activity was a lot of fun! It was a Wellness Passport Program (programs that teach you about being healthy and taking care of your body) hosted in Mendenhall Student Center. There were six booths all discussing different health related issues but centered around halloween. It was a lot of fun. It reminded me of trick-or-treating with a lesson before you "won" your candy. :)

In the teaching fellows program at ECU, you are required to join a committee. Each committee has a certain purpose. I am on the recruitment committee meaning that my job is to work around campus with certain activities that recruit students to ECU as well as to the education department. My job is to show all of you the highlights of this school. Sometimes looking at papers on a school can not define the positives and negatives of it. My job is to highlight each of those points to all of you! Part of the teaching fellows program is the Interview Skills Day. ECU sponsors a day where students can come out and go through a mock interview. This helps the students become comfortable with questions that might be asked to them when they do their actual teaching fellows interview. We had a great turnout for this program. We also received a lot of positive feedback. Many of the students seemed to enjoy it and were glad they had the opportunity to have a pre-look at the interviewing process. 

November has not had as many exciting activities as October did. It seems that much of this month has been filled with testing. Midterms happened sometime between mid-october and November. That was definitely a stressful time. Just as in high school, midterm time requires you to study, study, study!!! Many students here at ECU right now are anticipating Thanksgiving break. Many of us will be going home for the first time since fall break which was in the beginning of October! 

I hope everybody has a wonderful Turkey day! Remember that each of us has so much to be thankful for! I cannot even begin to list all that I am thankful for! :) I hope everybody is doing well! If anybody has any comments or questions please remember to ask at anytime! 

See you all later! Byes :))

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kodak Moments

Just thought I would let everybody know that pictures are coming soon! I am going to try to figure out how to update my profile and make it all fancy dancy. haha :) I really feel that it would be great for everybody to see pictures of the campus, students, and even my room! If there are any requests to see specific places on campus, just let me know!

Hopefully I'll get this up soon! Thanks everybody!! Byes :))

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where's My ECU Football!?!?!

I am slacking as an ECU Pirate Football Fan! It is already almost October and I have yet to attend a single game nor watch one for that matter! This is ridiculous. I am seriously making a vow to attend the game on October 18th. Honestly, who doesn't attend an ECU football game. Well, I'll tell you who and why. Me because of homework! Biology to be specific. The work load in college is ridiculous! There is so much studying to do. The thing that makes it different than high school is that it is all independent. My recommendation to any high school student is take advantage of your AP classes offered at your school! Trust me when I say they DO HELP!!! As far as work load goes, I feel that it is the same as high school but it just feels like more because everything depends on me. Sometimes it can be so hard to sit down and force yourself to study when you have all this free time to do FUN stuff around campus!! So start getting used to focusing now and really learning to independently study. Maybe on your weekends instead of going out with friends, stay home and read ahead in one of your text books. I know it sounds lame, but I guarantee you it will help because you will begin training yourself early on!

Good luck everybody! :) Well that's all for now! Talk to you all later!! Have a great day. Byes :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

King & Queen of the Halls

WHOOT!!!!! GO UMSTEAD!!!!! :)

So I'm pretty late on this. Whoops! But on September 18th, East Carolina University held its annual King & Queen of the Halls. So I'm sure your wondering if it was fun........ummm....YES!!!! :) King & Queen of the Halls was a great experience! Since I live in Umstead, we only had a small amount of individuals show up for this event but it was still so much fun to see the tremendous number of kids that wanted to all have fun together. King & Queen of the Halls was basically a work together activity held at the bottom of college hill. There were all kinds of activities like horseshoes and tons of relay races. They even offered "get soaked (wet)" games. It was so much fun to just go out and show your spirit for your hall. (NOTE: When I refer to my hall, it basically means my dorm.) If you plan on coming to ECU, this is definitely a fun event to look foward to!! I honestly hope to see more like it! :)

Well that's all for now! Bye everybody!!! :))

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get A Clue [Much?]

So once again, we can see that little miss Angelina is up late at night. College life seems to force you to stay up really late. I thought that I would come on here really quick to tell everybody about a little program that ECU offers. The program is called Get A Clue. It is sponsered each year and it was established to make students aware of the different programs, faternities, and clubs avaliable on campus. The event was held from 1 PM- 4 PM outside on the huge central campus lawn. I went with my roommate and really enjoyed myself. I thought it was a great program to participate in because I learned a lot about some of the things this campus has to offer! Not only was this event educational, but I got tons of neat FREE stuff! Who doesn't love free goodies? :) I thought this was a fun activity to go to and I really recommend everyone to participate in this next year!!

Well, I'll talk to everyone later! Got questions? Get a clue and ask them!! ;)